Myths About Women That Even Us Women Believe

It’s easy to believe something if you hear it often enough which is why some of these myths have stuck around for as long as they have.  But I am here today to debunk some of these myths about the women and their bodies.

Myth #1.) Women’s Cycles will Sync Up: We’ve all heard about how roommates, work colleagues, and best friends will eventually be on the same menstrual cycles.  This myth came about from a 1971 study done at a women’s dorm where periods seemed to sync up over a 6 month time frame.  Fast forward 20 years and the same study was conducted but on more women and a longer period of time.  The results showed no real conclusion to support the syncing up theory although many people still believe this to be true.

Myth #2.) Food Cravings Increase During Your Period: As a woman I feel like I need to share my thoughts first and I feel like my cravings increase but according to a 2009 study done by the University of Pennsylvania they found that cravings only slightly changed by 13% and the scientists determined that was not enough to mean our “menstrual cravings” are hormonal.

Myth #3.) Women have Smaller Bladders Than Men: This one is on the surface untrue.  Based on pure size alone we have comparable bladders to men.  But as any concert bathroom line will easily show you, women still have to go more.  This is based on a couple of different reasons with one of them being that our bladders weaken with age and especially with childbirth.  Our bladders are also located by the front wall of the uterus so we feel the pressure of our bladder filling more than men.

Myth #4.) Antibiotics Make Birth Control Less Effective: There is a 9% failure rate of those on the pill, this percentage does not change when a person is on an antibiotic.  There is in fact one antibiotic that does decrease a birth control pills effectiveness and that is Rifadin which treats tuberculosis.  (On a side note though using a back up form of birth control is always a wise idea)

Myth #5.) You Can’t Get Pregnant On Your Period: Is it less likely? Sure.  Is it impossible? Nope.  Your egg only has 24 hours to get fertilized but those sneaky little sperm can live up to 4 days in your body so if you have a long period or a short menstruation cycle than there is a small window of time that could allow the sperm to meet the egg and voila.