Wanting to Get Pregnant? Read These First!

Making the decision to try for a baby is one that I’m sure you haven’t come upon lightly. And while this is undoubtedly an exciting and happy time it can also come with it’s own set of stressors. Here are a few tips and tricks to follow even before becoming pregnant that can help improve your chances of becoming pregnant as well as the health of your future baby and yourself!

  1. Start taking pre-natal vitamins now. There is no reason to wait until you discover you are pregnant to begin taking these. These vitamins contain more folic acid and iron than typical multi-vitamins do which are essential to your baby’s growth and development.
  2. Check your insurance coverage. Before you decide on which ob or hospital you want it is wise to see which ones are covered by your plan.
  3. Wane your drinking. If you start cutting back on your cocktails now it makes it easier to give up during those precious 9 months.
  4. Exercise. Not only can exercise help keep pregnancy weight under control but it can make labor, delivery, and recovery easier too. Be sure to consult your doctor about any and all physical activities.
  5. Talk with your ob/gyno and set up an appointment. Having a check-up is always wise before starting to conceive. There are some vaginal infections that are asymptomatic (some vaginal infections have been linked to preterm labor).
  6. Take care of yourself. This may sound trivial but the importance is enormous. Be sure to relax, get plenty of sleep, eat well, enjoy your quiet time, and get in the right state of mind for bringing a precious baby into the world.