November is Diabetes Awareness Month

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Did you know that Diabetes can affect women during their childbearing years?

Diabetes is caused by elevated blood glucose levels. As we consume food our bodies break that food down into glucose, or sugar for energy. The pancreas creates insulin which helps the glucose enter the cells of our bodies. If you have diabetes it means your body is unable to make enough insulin or is unable to use it as well as it could.

Diabetes can be problematic for the health of both mother and baby during pregnancy. It is important to gain control of diabetes during pregnancy as elevated blood sugar levels can increase the chance of problems with a baby which may cause complications during delivery as well as for the mother.

You can control diabetes by regulating your blood glucose levels typically with insuling injections. By keeping your blood sugar under control before and during pregnancy you can prevent diabetes related pregnancy problems.

What are possible problems for the baby from blood sugar that is not well controlled in a pregnant woman with type 1 or type 2 diabetes? source

  * Birth defects
  * Stillbirth or miscarriage
  * Very high or very low birth weight
  * Injury during birth if the baby is very large
  * Low blood sugar after birth
  * Yellow skin and eyes (jaundice) during the first 28 days of life
  * Potential metabolic disorders (problems converting food into energy; i.e., diabetes) later in life

What are possible problems for a woman with type 1 or type 2 diabetes that is not well controlled during pregnancy? source

  * Worsening of any existing eye, kidney, heart, or nerve problems caused by diabetes
  * Labor may start too early (preterm birth)
  * Bladder and other infections
  * Gum disease
  * Injury from delivering a big baby
  * C-section delivery
  * High blood pressure
  * Preeclampsia (a late pregnancy condition involving high blood pressure, weight gain, protein in urine, headaches, and vision problems)

If you have diabetes and get pregnant or are diagnosed with gestational diabetes during pregnancy it is important you work with your doctor to form a plan to regain control of your blood sugar for a healthy pregnancy, baby and post natal outlook.

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