Tips for Surviving Christmas Feasts

Christmas is here and that means holiday gatherings and parties and a smörgåsbord of food and a drink.

Worried that an event you are attending will not have any healty dishes? - Bring your own dish that ensures you have something healthy to eat.

  1. Eat smart, if you have a choice of a cream or broth based soup take the broth based soup for generally less calories.
  2. Distance, try to stay more than an arm's length from any snacks, this will reduce your munchies and give you more room for the main cource.
  3. Concentration, studies have shown that if you focus on chewing your feed well and enjoying the smell, texture and taste of each item you will consume less calories. Also try not to eat while chatting as you may consume more calories as you focus less on eating and more on conversating.

If you plan on going Christmas shopping you should consider eating a meal before you leave. To prevent consuming calories at the food court.

  1. Plan ahead, try to avoid areas of the mall or store that have a lot of unhealthy food options. The sight and smell of food can coax you into choosing unwise options.

Keep track of what you eat and consider maintaining a food diary to monitor your calorie intake.

  1. Weight yourself daily and use your current weight as a guide for your daily food choices. Research has shown that people who monitor their weight typically exercise more or become stricter in their eating habits.


If you are planning on going to a party you should consider eating a healthy snack before you leave so you are less hungry and consume less unhealthy options.

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast, this often prevents overeating later in the day.
  2. Limit your high-calorie foods.
  3. Choose wisely, pick lower calorie items rather than higher calorie choices.
  4. Feeling that you have reached your limit, stop eating OR consume a sugar-free mint. You may find a fresh palate will curb urges to eat more.

Exercise, no matter how on-top of things we are everyone should consider exercise as a means to control weight gain over the festive period.

  1. Even if you can not fit in a large routine or long walk you can still do a few 10 - 15 minute bursts of exercise daily to reach the daily recommendation of 30 minutes of exercise a day. 

More Healthy Food Options

  1. Skip Full-Fat Dips, Eat Yogurt Dips
  2. Skip Some Alcohol Calories, Drink Wine Spritzer
  3. Skip Candied Yams, Eat Roasted Sweet Potatoes
  4. Skip Dark Meat, Eat White Meat Turkey
  5. Skip Store-Bought, Eat Homemade Stuffing
  6. Skip Traditional Gravy, Eat Low-Fat Gravy
  7. Skip the Casserole, Eat Fresh Green Beans
  8. Skip White Flour Rolls, Eat Whole-Wheat Rolls
  9. Skip Eggnog, Drink Cider
  10. Skip Pecan Pie, Eat Pumpkin Pie

Have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year from all of us at Thompson, GYN LLC!